Factory Support
● Product positioning: KELMA mission is quality and service first, price second. Our factory pay most attention to the long-term cooperation, and company reputation.Do not sacrifice product quality with too low price.
● Flexible cooperation: our factory can provide self-owned brand products,and also can customize the customer's trademark.Welcome customers to develop new or hot selling products for your local market together. ● Hardware equipment: our factory has sufficient production sites, production equipment and testing equipment to ensure that orders are delivered to customers in both quality and quantity. We also have large enough warehouses for customers to coordinate and store products. ● Human resources: our factory has enough skilled technical workers and engineers,and strong sales team, which can break the limitation of language and time zone, communicate with customers in a timely manner, and promote mutual understanding and cooperation.

Assemble workline
Moulding workline
Accessory processing
Finish goods warehouse
Quality Support
● Careful inspection: Before the product is packaged, every product will pass more than 3 times of testing and inspection in our factory. Only qualified products can be delivered out of the factory. and as to defective one eliminated during inspection, carry on the analysis,aim to avoid the fault, improve the production process. ● Various certifications: Most of our products have already obtained ISO9000, CCC, CE, CB, VDE, and RoHS approvals, and some also got UL, GB and SASO certificate. Our products enjoy high reputations in the international market. ● Sampling comparison: in order to confirm the quality consistency of different production batches for customer, our factory insist to sample and seal each batch of products,keep them for at least one year, so that the buyers and sellers can conduct quality audit and comparison anytime and anywhere.

Electric performance test
Specification testing
Instrument inspection
Hundreds certification
is a specialized manufacturer and supplier in the fields of  Electrical accessory, Elevator accessory, Welding accessory, and Metal processing accessory.
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